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Turbocharger Turbo Kit w/ Gaskets GT45 T4 T66 V-Band 1.05 A/R Trim 92mm 800HP


Turbocharger Turbo Kit w/ Gaskets GT45 T4 T66 V-Band 1.05 A/R Trim 92mm 800HP

Fitment Guide:
Universal Fitment
JDM / USDM / CDM / Domestic / European
Custom Turbocharger Applications

Package Contents:
(1) GT45 Aftermarket Upgraded Turbocharger
(4) Gasket Installation Kit

Trim: 69
A/R: .66
Inducer: 68.7
Exducer: 97.8

Trim: 92
A/R: 1.05
Inducer: 87.4
Exducer: 77

weight: 17.25kg
Intake Inlet / Outlet: 3.75" / 2.25"
Compressor A/R: 0.66
Compressor Inducer / Exducer: (MM) 68.70 / 97.80
Compressor Trim: 69
Exhaust (Downpipe) Flange: 3.50" V-Band
Exhaust (Turbo Manifold) Flange: Standard T4 4-Bolt
Turbine A/R: 1.05
Turbine Inducer / Exducer: (mm) 87.40 / 77.00
Turbine Trim: 92

Capable of boosting horse power up to 800+ BHP
High quality material, cast housing with durable steel
T4 4 bolt exhaust flange
V band downpipe flange pattern 3.50"
Intake inlet & outlet: 3.75" & 2.25"
dynamic balanced test 

The GT45 turbocharger assembly is designed to be used on engines displacing 1.6L-8.0L and is typically good for around 800HP. Horsepower ratings are generally meant to express the turbochargers maximum airflow capability. Recommended boost pressures are 7psi(.5 Bar) to 21psi(1.5 Bar) and boost pressures should not exceed 30psi(2 Bar). Exceeding 21psi(1.5 Bar) of boost pressure can significantly reduce a turbochargers lifespan. Generally speaking 14psi(1 Bar) is good for a 100% increase in horsepower from a naturally aspirated engine. Also factory non-turbo engines without forged internal components on high octane pump gas (91-92 octane) it is not recommended exceeding 7psi (.5 Bar) of boost. Doing so could result in damaging your engine.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instructions Included)

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Brand: NPBoosted

Type: Turbo Charger

Horse Power: Boost Horse Power up to 800+ BHP

Exhaust (Turbo Manifold) Flange: T4 4 Bolt Flange