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T3 Flange Turbocharger Turbo Exhaust Manifold Extension + 38mm Wastegate 14PSI


T3 To T3 Turbo Flange Adapter Extension & 38mm Wastegate Port + 14PSI Wastegate Kit / Cast Iron Turbocharger Manifold

Fitment Guide:
Durable Cast Iron Design Manifold
Adapts T3 flange manifold to T3, or vice versa
38mm Wastegate port flange included & 14PSI Wastegate Kit

Package Includes: 
(1) Cast Iron T3-T3 / 38mm Wastegate flange - Turbo manifold exhaust Adapter
High strength Cast Steel body with Steel head
Fits: Any 38mm / 35mm Turbo manifold wastegate port
Comes with 14 psi spring installed
1 x 14PSI Wastegate Kit w/ Adapters - Fittings - Gaskets - Bolts - Hardware
All necessary Installation Hardware

Reference Part Numbers:

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Brand: NPBoosted
Type: Turbo Exhaust Manifold
Model: T3 to T3 Extension Flange
Other Part Number: T3 Turbocharger / Turbo Flange
Surface Finish: Cast Iron finish