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JDM 52mm 2" Black 7 Color LED 2 BAR 30 PSI Turbo Boost Gauge Pressure Display

SKU: 566

Condition: New, Brand: NpBoosted

Installation Instructions: Yes

Manufacturer Part Number: NP-BOOST01

Warranty Time:2 Years, Range of Reading: 0 to 30 PSI, -30 to 0 inHG / 2BAR

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom, Diameter of Gauge: 2 1/16", 52mm

Warranty: 2 Year, Depth of Gauge: 1 1/2"

Surface Finish: black / silver Bezel, Voltage Rating: 12 Volts, 12v DC

Interchange Part Number: PSI gauge / Bar Pressure Gauge, Power Wire Harness Length: 1ft

Other Part Number: Turbocharger Boost Gauge, Sensor Wire Harness Length: 4ft Hose & T-Fitting

Superseded Part Number: Turbo pressure supercharger gauge kit boost gauge

Fits: All Types Of Super Charged & Turbo Charged Import / Domestic Vehicles A Must have for your custom turbo / Blower Setups 2 1/16 Inch (52mm) Black Face Gauge with a Magnified Tinted Lens Gauge Depth Measures 1 1/2 Inches Boost Reading from -1 BAR to 2 BAR Vacuum and Compression Levels Between -1 to 0 in BAR 7 Color LED Through Dial Lighting with Color Recall Ability 7 Solid Color Settings and Two Color Cycle Modes 4 Feet of Vacuum Hose and T-Fitting Mounting Hardware Installation Instructions 2 Year Warranty Free Shipping: Canada & USA Worldwide Shipping: $39.95