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Intake Manifold & 70mm Throttle Body + Fuel Rail B16 B17 B18 B20 VTEC GSR SiR Si


Intake Manifold & 70mm Throttle Body + Fuel Rail B16 B17 B18 B20 VTEC GSR SiR Si

Intake Manifold & 70mm Throttle Body + Fuel Rail for B16 B17 B18 B20
DOHC VTEC / NON V-TEC ~ 1.6L 1.7L 1.8L 2.0L

Honda / Acura Engine Fitment Guide:
B16 Blocks
B16A / B16B / B16A1 / B16A2 / B16A3 / B16A5 / B16A6

B17 Blocks

B18 Blocks
B18A1 / B18A2 / B18B1 / B18B2 / B18B3 / B18B4 / B18C B18C1 / B18C2 / B18C3 / B18C4 / B18C5 / B18C6 / B18C7

B20 Blocks
B20B / B20B4 / B20B8 / B20Z2 / B20A / B21A

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Lightweight TIG Welded Custom Design
Precision CNC machined Billet Flange and Runner
14mm Top Feed Fuel Rail
Precision CNC machined Billet Fuel Rail with AN8 End Fittings
70mm Billet Throttle Body
Gaskets / Brackets / Bolts / Nuts / Washers / Hoses / AN fittings Included
All gaskets and hardware included / Pre-packaged

- Increased BHP
- Improved throttle response and smoothness
- Solid construction
- 2 Year Warranty
Brand New Intake Kits / In packaging

Vehicle Application Guide:
1989-1993 Honda Integra XSi
1989-1991 Honda CRX SiR (EF8)
1989-1991 Honda Civic SiR (EF9)
1992–1993 JDM Honda Integra "XSi" (DA6,DA8)
1992–1994 JDM Honda Civic SiR/SiRII (EG6)
1992–1993 JDM Honda Civic SiR (EG9)
1992–1995 JDM Honda CR-X del Sol SiR (EG2)
1996–1998 JDM Honda Civic SiR/SiRII (EK4)
1996–2000 JDM Honda Civic Ferio Si (EK4)
1997–2000 Civic Type R
CRX'1.6 DOHC VTEC (EE8) - European market (EDM)
Civic'1.6 DOHC VTEC(EE9) - European market (EDM)
1992-2000 Honda Civic EDM VTi (EG6/EG9 & EK4)
1992-1997 Honda Civic del Sol EDM VTi (EG)
1996-1997 Honda Civic del Sol VTEC USDM (EG2)
1996-1998 Honda Civic AUDM & NZDM Vti-R (EK4)
1999-2000 Honda Civic AUDM Vti-R (EM1)
1999-2000 Honda Civic USDM Si (EM1)
1999-2000 Honda Civic SiR Philippines (EK4 sedan)
1999-2000 Honda Civic CDM SiR (EM1)
1994-1995 Del Sol VTEC USDM VERSION
1996-2000 Civic Si-RII (JDM version) (EK4)
1996–2000 Honda Civic – VTEC (SO3, SO4)
1992–1993 Integra GS-R (USDM VTEC Model VIN DB2)
1990–1991 Acura Integra USDM "RS/LS/LS Special Edition/GS" (DA9 Liftback/Hatchback, DB1 Sedan)
1986–1989 Accord Aerodeck LXR-S/LX-S (Japan)
1986–1989 Accord EXL-S/EX-S (Japan)
1986–1989 Vigor MXL-S (Japan)
1992-1993 Acura Integra USDM "GS/LS/LS Special Edition/RS" (DA9 Liftback/Hatchback, DB1 Sedan)
1990-1993 Honda Integra LS DB1 Sedan
94-01 Integra RS/LS/SE/GS - DB7/DC4/DC3
1994–2000 Honda Integra "RS/LS/GS/SE/(GSI Australia)" (DC4/DB7)
1992–1996 JDM Honda Domani (MA5)
1993–1994 JDM Honda Integra (DB7)
1996–1999 JDM Honda Orthia (EL1)
94-01 Integra RS/LS/SE/GS - DB7/DC4/DC3
1994–2001Honda Integra "RS/LS/GS/SE/(GSI Australia)" (DC4/DB7)
1992–1995 Honda Civic – (SR4)
1996–2000 Honda Civic – (SO4)
96-01 Honda Integra JDM Type R (DC2 & DB8)
95-98 Honda Integra JDM SiR/SiR II (DB8, DC2)
98-99 Honda Integra JDM SiR-G (DB8, DC2)
1994–2001 Acura Integra USDM GS-R (DC2 & DB8)
1994-2001 Honda Integra AUDM/NZDM VTi-R
Acura Integra Asian market, USDM Acura Integra GSR (2000 model)
1996–2000 UK Civic VTi 5-door Hatch (MB6)
1996–2000 UK Civic 1.8i VTi-S (Limited Edition) 5-door Hatch (MB6)
1996–2000 UK Civic Aerodeck 1.8i VTi 5-door Wagon (MC2)
1998–1999 EU Civic Aerodeck 1.8i VTi 5-door Wagon (MC2)
1998–1999 EU Civic 1.8i VTi 5-door Hatch (MB6)
1997-1998,1999 CDM, 2000-2001 Acura Integra USDM/CDM Type R
1998–2001 Honda Integra UKDM/EUDM Type R
1999-2001 Honda Integra AUDM/NZDM Type R
USDM and JDM Honda CR-V, JDM Orthia, Stepwgn, S-MX
USDM CR-V as a B20B8, CR-V and Honda Orthia as a B20B
USDM CR-V as a B20Z2, CR-V and Honda Orthia as a B20B
JDM Honda Orthia, CR-V

Reference Part Numbers:

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