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Universal Vehicle OBD2 WIFI Scanner & Performance Reading Tool for iPhone / Ipad IOS & Android Phone Auto OBDII Scan Tool OBD 2 ODB II WI-FI ODB2

SKU: 647
OBD2 Vehicle Scanner works with 1998 and Newer Vehicles by connecting with your Iphone - Ipad or Andriod Device

Take Advantage of this Small, but Powerful Tool that will allow you to know what is wrong with your Vehicle without even needing to Visit a Service Center!! Just Plug in the device Below your steering wheel at the OB2 Port and Download the APP to your Smart Phone or Tablet.. Next the OBD2 Reader will communicate with your Device all the information from your cars "Engine Control Unit" into the Palm of your Hand!! You NOW know Exactly what your Mechanics know All the Wondering about the Lights on in your Dash that you thought only your mechanic knew how to Access is now information available to you!! You'll be able to see your mechanic all ready knowing exactly what he needs to look at, without any surprises on the Mechanical bill for the informed customer you'll now be! With your device plugged in you can Access all your engines performance outputs in "Real Time" Monitoring and Displaying many extra Gauges your dashboard Can't (FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON ALL OBD2 READER ORDERS)