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Chevy HEI Electronic Billet Distributor 65K Coil SBC 327 350 383 BBC 396 454

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They feature a 65,000 V High-Out Put Ignition CoilMedium weight advance springs, and an aluminum housing.

These distributors use a centrifugal advance assembly with coated weights and welded weight pins (not just pressed in like other models). Inside the distributors, the ignition module and coil work together to produce a stout spark to Ignite the Air Fuel mixture for great performance. The high voltage is transferred through a specially designed rotor to the brass terminals of the distributor cap and out to the plugs.

These distributors feature the following:
- Assembled entirely from 100% NEW components
- CNC machined aluminum body
- Adjustable vacuum advance
- Premium cap with brass terminals
- Low saturation ignition module
- High Output 65K Volt Coil
- Reliable operation through 7000 RPM
- Billet 4340 steel gear for use on cast cams*
- Large diameter cap (for better spark alignment)

Fits SBC:

Fits BBC:

distributors are packed with high-quality features and components.

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Chevrolet HEI Distributor Small Block & Big Block 65K Volt Ignition CoilSBC, BBC HEI DistributorHEI Electronic Distributors are a perfect upgrade for the enthusiast looking for an easy to install performance distributor, to put on your daily driver or weekend warrior.