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Toyota Aristo / Supra GM LQ D585 2JZ Ignition Coil Conversion Kit for 2JZ-GTE GM LQ9 HI OUTPUT Coils with Harness

SKU: 629
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Toyota Supra / Aristo LQ9 Ignition Coil Pack Conversion Kit Complete w/ (3) Brackets / Bolts & Sleeves / Wire Harness / Six (6) Performance Coils

Fits: 2JZ-GTE

Will Install in your Custom Swapped Vehicles w/ 2JZ-GTE

Kit includes:

Complete Wire Harness - Aluminum Brackets - Bracket Bolts / Sleeve Set - Six (6) HI Output LQ9 Coil Packs With Custom boots and inner Contact Coils



TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE (Custom Engine Swap Applications) ARISTO JZS147 (JDM) ARISTO V300 JZS161 (JDM) SUPRA RZ/TURBO (JZA80)

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- Improved Combustion - Increased Ignition Performance - Increased BHP and economy - Improved throttle response and smoothness - Eliminate engine misfires and hesitation - No spark blowout at higher boost - Solid construction - 2 Year Warranty - M